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Oct, 2016

Weather Policies


Since AYSO games are not generally made up due to cancellations due to weather, AYSO games are typically held during "gentle" rain events.  Soggy fields may also support a cause to cancel games.

Although parents may not want to sit in the rain to watch a game, please honor the time commitment of the Coaches, Referees and other team players by getting your player(s) to the Soccer complex on-time for their game. At the conclusion of the game, players may be wet and muddy which doesn't help vehicle interiors. To help protect interiors, bring a pair of plastic grocery bags for the player to wear over muddy shoes and/or a poncho for your player to sit in during the ride home! Umbrellas and a towel to sit on for the parents in the bleachers will also help make the game more enjoyable.

Standing Water/Soggy Fields

After periods of extended rain, the fields at the Soccer Complex may become saturated or even super-saturated resulting in standing water within various locations at the complex. Since standing water can result in awkward footing and/or slippery conditions that might result in player/parent injury, soggy field conditions pose a safety risk. Games are generally canceled until soggy fields have had a chance to drain.


One of the most significant and immediate weather-related dangers to our players is that from lightning strikes. Since lightning can strike relatively anywhere and from great distances, AYSO exercises extreme caution when lightning is detected in the area. When games are suspended/canceled due to lightning, the following must occur:

  1. ALL players, coaches, referees and family members must immediately vacate the field and side-line premises and seek shelter in a vehicle.  (recommended)
  2. NOTE: Since lightning is attracted to tall objects (such as trees) and easily transmits through metal (such as bleachers), do not seek shelter under a nearby tree nor near a bleacher! It's not worth it!
  3. Games may resume after at least 30-minutes have passed since a lightning strike. AYSO staff members will sound the "all-clear" signal in such situations and play will resume as designated by the game referee. As such, parents are encouraged to keep their players at the complex until the regular conclusion-time of the game.


Games are played when it's hot, subject to the discretion of the Referee or other AYSO official:

  • Heat Index under 95° - games on (normal play)
  • Heat Index 95° to 99° - games on (2-minute break every 15 minutes)
  • Heat Index 100° to 104° - games on (5-minute break every 15 minutes)
  • Heat Index above 104° - No games

Like all physical exertion activities, players are encouraged to bring proper hydrating fluids with them to all games and practices!


Although AYSO games don't generally get canceled due to cold temperatures, cold weather does introduce a question on how to dress.

Players must have their uniform shirt as the top layer.  Jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies etc. must be worn beneath the uniform.

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